My Story

Image 5On the journey to completing a Bachelor or Arts with a major in Political Science and a minor in Psychology  I discovered a new passion. A passion for Culinary Arts, I ventured down this path in 2006 only to discover that I wanted to make it a career. I spent a year attending Culinary Arts school at Vancouver Community College and set off abroad to travel the world. As well as seeing all the exquisite sights the world has to display, I expanded my  Culinary knowledge not only eating my way around the countries but also enrolling in various cooking classes. I leant more than any book has ever taught me.


Shortly after returning from my worldly travels, I merely accepted a challenge from my Dad (an avid marathoner) and entered my first marathon, The Vancouver Full Marathon. At that time completing such a race with my Dad was not only a very special moment, but a great sense of accomplishment.I started out selecting not only to participate in  marathons locally, but also ones across the border in America. My list of completed marathons was quickly growing when a dear friend introduced me into the world of the Triathlon. I started out in the world of Half Ironman, a great place for me to discover another but very important passion I have, nutrition. I came to understand and respect food very differently than I did working with it everyday in the kitchen.


IMG_1459Now that endurance sports training have become a way of life for me I am learning the importance of food. Not only that, but the benefits of  healthy clean food available at our fingertips.

Since 2006 I have continued  to expand my work experience in various establishments in Vancouver from hotels to restaurants, as well as my academic knowledge. I have completed three years of a culinary apprenticeship both in Victoria and Vancouver and am a proud owner of Red Seal Certificate.  In the near future I would like to pursue my passion in nutrition, perhaps a degree in nutrition.



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